Hello! I'm Victor Souza, a front-end developer. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.

My journey as a programmer started in 2019 when I heard about Python. Since then, I have fallen more and more in love with this field. I have been working on projects to aid my studies, some of which have been quite ambitious. I believe that the more difficult the project, the greater the learning experience.

Víctor Souza

When I began studying CSS, I was completely fascinated. Driven by curiosity, I attempted to create things I hadn't even learned yet. One example of this was my clone of theSteam layout. I created this layout entirely without using display: flex or grid, relying solely on margins and paddings, which resulted in a non-responsive page.

I am a curious individual who enjoys tackling technical problems and finding innovative solutions. I have a keen eye for details, ensuring code quality and optimizing performance. Furthermore, I am always eager to learn from my peers and share my knowledge with the developer community.

I am seeking exciting and challenging opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to projects that make a positive impact. If you are in need of a dedicated, motivated, and passionate front-end developer, I would be thrilled to join your team! Please feel free toget in touch.

You can find me onLinkedIn, or you can follow me onInstagramwhere I share a bit about my personal life. If you would like to explore my projects in more detail, please follow me onGitHub!

Voltk Tecnologia

Voltk Tecnologia

8 m

Front end developer (Junior)

06/23 - 01/24

Development and maintenance of components for a website builder, and assistance in interface construction and planning.

  • Technologies used: Vue.JS, GrapesJS, HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Git and Bitbucket.
Creative Nurv

Creative Nurv

7 m

Front end developer (Junior)

12/22 - 03/23

Development and planning of platforms, conduct meetings with clients, and assist in page design creation.

  • Technologies used: React.js, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Figma, Postman, Git and GitHub.

Front end developer (Trainee)

09/22 - 12/22

Assist my team in developing platforms by creating simpler pages, and implementing Figma designs.

  • Technologies used: React.js, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Figma, Git and GitHub.


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